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A Note From the Author


The Joy of Eating

  • Eating In ‘A Society of More’
  • Eating Smart, Eating Well, Eating Less
  • How Just Eat Half™ Happened
  • Who Should Read This Book?

Just Eat Half™ Vs. Other Methods Of Weight Management

  • Restriction of Specific Food Groups
  • Low carbohydrate
  • Low fat
  • Calorie counting
  • Meal substitutes
  • Appetite suppressants

The Just Eat Half™ Method of Weight Management

  • The Three Phases
    • Phase one: starting out
    • Phase two: Balancing out
    • Phase three: Sticking it out
  • Some Important Questions
    • What is ‘half’?
    • Does it have to be half?
    • Is eating half always practical?
    • Must I eat half forever?
    • What is an eating pattern?
    • Avoiding ‘compensations’ that can sabotage your efforts

Tips and Techniques For Meeting the Challenges You Will Face

  • General guidelines
    • Smart eating patterns that you can cultivate
    • Some ‘halfs’ that are both easy to remember and easy to apply
    • Other smart options
  • Tips and Techniques When Eating Out
    • Eating at fast food outlets
    • Dining out in restaurants
  • Tips and Techniques For Managing Even the Toughest Challenges
    • Buffets
    • ‘All you can eat’ restaurants
    • ‘All inclusive’ vacations
    • Celebrations
    • Civic holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc.

The Important Role of Exercise In a Healthy Life Style

A Life Long Choice

Nutrition and Health Resources